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Using Articles to Promote Your Business

by Nina Menezes

Submitting articles to ezine publishers is a great way to get free publicity , build credibility and promote your business.

Here are some tips on using articles to promote your business

1. When you write articles, you are considered an expert. It's easier to gain a prospective client's trust when you're a published author. Consequently, customers are more liable to buy from you as they trust you.

2. Articles are another way to increase traffic to your Web site. Most of the ezines which publish articles have anywhere from hundreds to thousands of subscribers. They can also be picked up and republished by other Web site owners. Therefore, your article has the potential to be viewed by thousands of people on the net. Besides, these articles remain on the Web site for months, or even years to come. You can get responses from readers for a long time after your article has appeared on the Web site.

3. From a search engine perspective, articles can get you tons of incoming links. A well-distributed article can get you at least 2000 incoming links, which of course gets you higher search engine rankings since the number of incoming links is an important factor in determining your Web site ranking. Make sure you use keywords in your article.

4. Subscribers who receive ezines that contain your article are a receptive audience since they are interested in that particular ezine's topic.

5. An article is more effective than an ad as the cost is relatively inexpensive compared to placing an ad.

Here are some tips on writing articles:

Avoid articles that are like sales letters. Publishers are looking for quality content not sales letters. Write articles with a sincere desire to teach and inform so they provide value to your readers. People like to be educated on the benefits of a product or service.

Most publishers want articles of 500-750 words. Make sure you read the publisher's guidelines before submitting your articles.

If you'd like a list of Web sites to submit your article for free, please email me.

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