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Why use Pay-Per-Click to Promote your Web Site?

by Nina Menezes

Many Web site owners are reluctant to advertise their products or services on the internet. One of the common reasons is they are unaware that online advertising is even a viable option. Paid online advertising is the fastest-growing trend for Web site owners looking to increase their market share online. Pay-per-click advertising is one of the most popular method of online advertising.

What is pay-per-click?
The term pay-per-click is literally what it says: the advertiser pays each time a visitor clicks on their ad. In other words, the advertiser pays nothing to appear on the search results page until a visitor actually clicks on their ad. These ads are displayed as sponsor links on the search results page. Pay-per-click, if properly managed can attract potential customers to your Web site – prospects who are already interested in your products or services. However, in order to take advantage of pay-per-click advertising, you do need to know how to set up and maintain an ad campaign.

Why use pay-per- click? Is it the right investment for your business?
The growth and expansion of this industry makes pay-per-click advertising the most popular and lucrative means of online advertising today. If you wish to increase the visibility of your Web site and ensure that your products or services display on the first page of search results then pay-per-click will get you the results you need. The opportunities offered by pay-per-click advertising make it an excellent option enabling your business to compete effectively in today’s marketplace.

If your business is not getting the traffic expected, pay-per-click is the right option. With pay-per-click, you do not have to wait months on end to get results. This is an ideal opportunity for new Web sites offering them a chance to compete on the web almost immediately.

How does pay-per-click work?
Pay-per-click offers a highly effective way to attract cheap, targeted traffic to your Web site. A pay-per-click listing on a search engine results page typically consists of a headline, a short description of the products or services offered with a link to the advertiser’s web page. Cost of the ad will depend on the keyword popularity. Prices vary from 10 cents - $2 for each click, depending on the popularity of your keyword and the search engine itself.

What is the difference between search engine optimization and pay-per-click?
Search engine optimization is a process of preparing your Web site for high rankings on search engines for specific keywords. Search engine optimization involves optimizing different aspects of your site. There are several factors that must be taken into consideration when optimizing a Web site for search engines.

Search engine optimization is an extremely important part of online promotion but it is only one part of successful online marketing campaign. To ensure maximum exposure, you should get your site optimized first for search engines and add pay-per-click to boost your rankings. The most important advantage is you can place your products or services right in front of users

How do I start using pay-per-click?
The first step in putting together a pay-per-click campaign is to decide how much you will spend and what level of risk you will take. The keywords for your ad will have to be carefully researched with the current bid prices for keywords or phrases. The more popular the search term, higher the cost per click. There are several search engines you can choose from like Google, Overture, Find What etc. Once you have decided which search engine you will use, create your ad with the keywords chosen. You will have to open an account with the search engine to begin the bidding process for the keywords you have decided to use. You can specify the maximum amount you are willing to bid on those keywords. Of course, advertisers who pay more appear higher on the search results pages.

Many new businesses have not taken advantage of this powerful form of online advertising because it is so new and the process can be confusing and too technical. InterDream Designs will help you understand the process and set up the pay-per-click campaign on your behalf to get you those targeted visitors.

The opportunity to ensure placement of your ad without necessarily investing a large amount of your marketing dollars makes pay-per-click an extremely attractive option and one that business owners should not ignore. Contact us and we will get you started so you can attract visitors to your site and increase your sales.

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