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Top Ten Ways to Promote your Web Site

by Nina Menezes

How can you make your Web site an effective marketing tool so you can attract targeted visitors to your Web site? Below are 10 ways to promote your Web site.

1. Content
Providing valuable content on your site is an easy way to get your link on hundreds of Web sites and increase your traffic. People are more likely to link to you if you have valuable content on your Web site. Not only is providing content easy and inexpensive, but it also has the potential to provide you with massive free promotion and build credibility.

2. Build Links
Having your site linked on other sites is a great way to get into the search engines and get extra visitors. Make sure the sites you are having links on are quality sites with high traffic. Other ways you can build links are:

- Find out who links to your competitors that are high in the search engines and request links from them.
- Write a testimonial for a site and add your URL. They will post it on their site giving you a free one-way link
- If you belong to trade associations that feature member sites, ask for a link. Even if you have to pay for a link, it may bring you the kind of targeted traffic that you need.
- Offer articles for others to use in their newsletters. Add a link to your Web site with a short description of your company at the end of the article.

3. Offer a free product or service
A great way to drive traffic to your Web site is to offer something free, for example an ebook or a sample of your product. Offer it in return for something from your visitor, e.g. subscription to your newsletter.

4. Write articles
Write quality articles in your area of expertise and submit them to leading online publications in your field. An article published in an industry portal is extremely targeted. The most popular articles are those that teach and inform. At the end of every article, include a description about your company with your URL. Submitting your articles to online directories is recommended as they are usually ranked high in the search engines There are several sites that you can submit your article for free such as http://www.ezinearticles.com/. You can also submit to ezine directories http://www.submityourarticle.com/course/ezinedirectories.php. Check each ezine on the list to see if they will accept your article submission.

5. Submit Your Web Site to Search Engines and Directories
List your site with the major search engines and directories. Search engines and directories provide an important source of regular visitors to your Web site, quite often for free. Make sure your site is optimized for search engines before submitting your site.

6. Send out Press Releases
Press releases are an invaluable promotion tool for your business or Web site. A good press release addresses the questions "who, what, why, where, when & how." Press releases that are optimized to appear when certain terms are typed into news search engines are an excellent way to build name recognition and credibility. You can submit your press release for free to PR Web. Mention your Web site in your press release.

7. Publish an online Newsletter
Publishing an online newsletter or ezine is a great way to keep in touch with your prospects, generate trust, develop brand awareness, and build future business. It also helps you collect e-mail addresses from those who visit your site but aren't yet ready to make a purchase. You can send out your newsletter through listservers such as Aweber which automates the process of sending out emails and autoresponders. I use Aweber to send out my newsletters and find them very easy to use and the prices are reasonable.

8. Include Your URL in all your printed promotion materials
Make sure your URL is mentioned on all your business cards, brochures, etc. also include your URL in any ads in newspapers or yellow pages. Consider other traditional media to drive people to your site, such as direct mail, classifieds, post cards, etc.

9. Use a Signature Tag
A signature tag (sigtag) is a block of text that can be added to the end of each e-mail message sent. Your signature tag should have your Company name, address, phone number, email address, URL and a tagline or one line description of your company. Limit your signature tag to 5-6 lines.

10. Monitor your Web stats
Monitoring your Web stats is an important part of your Web site promotion. By monitoring your stats, you can find out which sites are driving the most traffic to you, what keywords people are using to find you, what pages they are visiting etc. In short, you will know what's working on your site and what's not and tweak the relevant pages for maximum effectiveness.

Employing the strategies above will give your site increased visibility on the net leading to an increase in visitors.

InterDream Designs provides site promotion and search engine optimization services. Email nina@interdream-designs.com to find out how to promote your Web site effectively.

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